Wednesday, December 5, 2012

8 Women Who Auctioned Off Their Virginity

 The Gumtree Girl

An unnamed 16-year-old Irish-Catholic schoolgirl wanted to get in on the virginity-for-money action. She placed an ad on the trading website Gumtree offering her innocence to the highest bidder to raise cash for art school. An undercover reporter agreed to buy her virginity for close to $10,000 to see if she was bogus. The girl was indeed who she claimed to be, but when the reporter revealed his identity, she claimed it was just a joke. I’m thinking she was serious.

 Graciela Yataco
 Graciela Yataco is the smart seductress who started all this virginity auction trend. The 18-year-old Peruvian model was barely squeaking by in 2005. She was responsible for her mother’s medical bills and also had to support her younger brother. So she decided, in an unprecedented move, to sell her virginity to the highest bidder. While a Canadian man offered her $1.5 million, mostly what she got from her religious countrymen was a lot of hate mail and public humiliation. Despite her sob story, no one offered to simply make a charitable contribution. Yaraco was somehow still hopeful she could better her situation by selling her virginity, but at the last minute she backed out of the deal. [BBC]

Raffella Fico

 Raffella Fico, a beautiful bikini model and reality show star, was only willing to give up her virginity for fame and fortune. At 20, Raffella might still have been a chaste Catholic, but she was  a total whore for cash and publicity. Despite her seductive men’s mag spreads and bunking up as a co-ed for a season of Italian "Big Brother," she swore she’d never had a boyfriend. Fico promised to drop her panties for $1.8 million. If I don’t like him, I’ll just have a glass of wine and forget about it,” she promised. Fico intended to use the money for acting lessons and a home in Rome. [The Telegraph]

Rosie Reid

 Rosie Reid, an 18-year-old lesbian from the UK, decided to sell her first sexual experience for $13,300 to attend Bristol University. The buyer? After 2,000 bids, a 44-year-old engineer and divorced father of two won the coveted prize. Rosie regrets the decision. After the act took place she and her partner Jess Cameron “cried and cried.” A cautionary tale. Once virginity is sold, it cannot be returned. (BBC)

Alina Percea

Eighteen-year-old Romanian teenager, Alina Percea, auctioned off her V-card in order to afford a computing degree. A 45-year-old Italian businessman coughed up $14,000 to deflower Alina. And she claims to have enjoyed the experience to boot. Everyone wins! [Daily Mail]


 A 19-year-old New Zealand virgin, going by the name of “Ungirl,” followed in Natalie Dylan's footsteps, posting an auction for her virginity on After receiving 1,200 bids on her purity, she accepted an offer for $32,000, which she says was “way beyond what I dreamed.” Hey, it’s no $250,000, but it should cover books.  [Telegraph]

Natalie Dylan

Natalie Dylan, who received her bachelor’s degree in Women’s Studies from Sacramento State, went on Howard Stern to sell her virginity to pay off her college education. Last time we checked, state schools weren’t that out of reach, but we can’t blame the girl for upping her ante. Since Dylan’s sister was one of the working girls at Nevada’s most infamous brothel, and subject of HBO show Cathouse, she worked out a deal with proprietor, Dennis Hof, and put her hymen is up for bidding at Rumors were that bids reached as high as 3.7 million for the privilege of popping her cherry. But according to Hof, the transaction was never consummated although Natalie did end up walking away with $250,000. Wait! So you can pretend to auction off your virginity and still make a quarter of a mil? That's genius.  [NY Daily News]