Monday, August 26, 2013

Divorce? Khloe Kardashian Spotted Hitting The Gym Without Her Wedding Ring For The First Time

Itz Ova? Khloe Kardashian Steps Out… WITHOUT Wedding Ring!

It seems a divorce looms after Khloe Kardashian was spotted on her way to the gym without her wedding ring for the first time since marrying Lamar Odom.
MailOnline reports that the 29-year-old star emerged from a gym session in the Woodland Hills area of Los Angeles without wearing either her wedding or engagement rings.

Looking glum and trying to hide under an oversized blue hooded sweater, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star clutched a bottle of water to her chest, clearly showing a chunky  matte silver band in place of her $850,000 12.5 carat diamond engagement ring.
According to People, Khloe often wears her bling to gym sessions and looked preoccupied after her workout session.
‘She didn’t smile at all and seemed miserable,’ a source told the website. ‘She seemed like she had a lot on her mind.’
The star seemed to want to hide in the zip-up sweatshirt which she matched with three-quarter black leggings, a white T-Shirt and black trainers.
Khloe has not been spotted out with her basketball star husband since June 2 and  claims surfaced last month that Lamar had cheated on her, which he denies.
Lamar has also been spotted staying at hotels close to the home he shares with his wife of nearly four years, sparking further rumours of marriage trouble.
But a source told People that the 32-year-old sportsman only stays at a hotel when the family reality show is shooting at their home, adding that Khloe is ‘very loyal’ to her husband.