Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Lady Claims Lola Omotayo's Father Took Her To "Juju House" Over Missing N300,000

This young lady above,Mercy Nnaji aka Lady C claims she was wrongly accused by Lola Omotayo's dad..She has been dropping her comments on all Posts concerning Psquare & Lola.She says she needs a solution and dropped her number.
Read below
"My own bi se Lola and her father Dipo Omotayo should pay my outstanding money which High Court Portharcout gave on my behalf for taking me to JUJU for oracle... Dipo Omotayo and his manager Usuff wrongly accused me of 300,000 (Three hundred thousand naira, after a get together party in his house 5,Mingi estae trans Amadi portharcout. He invited police who detained me for 24 hrs without food or water. He gave the police 150,000 ( hundred and fifty thousand naira to take me to JUJU house to get truth from me for the missing 300,000. They pushed me into Dipo's Jeep the next morning and his drive Napoleon with the two police men took me to JUJU house.
This police officers took me to Ogoni far away from portharcout, and when they arrived Ogoni in Tai local government area, they forced me out of the Jeep and pushed me into the JUJU house,removed all I was putting on and poured a concoctions on my eyes and other part of my body. When they finished, the JUJU man told them I wasn't the person and they brought me back to portharcout and ask me to go my way. I quickly ran to a nearby police station and report the matter, and I consulted a lawyer who took up the matter to court. I was granted judgment of 2million for my medical treatment, and Dipo Paid. 1million through the help of Court bailiff via execution, and Dipo promise to pay the remaining 1million in 2months time... But as I speaks now,Dipo has refused to pay the balance and instead him and his manager and the police has been sending me thugs to kill me. I arrested 3boys last year who confess to the police I reported them to that they were sent to poison me to death... My fellow readers Pls help me figure this out or any help you can render to me Pls call me 08068853195. Thankyou!"Lady C
This Lola father Dipo Omotayo is a wicked man.. And peter okoye knew about my outstanding Court case with his inlaw Dipo Omotayo yet he can't advise him on it. This man Dipo Omotayo took me to JUJU house for an oracle, i sued him for forcefully taken me to a JUJU house for investigation of a missing 300,000 after a get together party in his house @5 mingi estae trans amadi portharcout.. High Court Portharcout granted me judgment for pouring a concoctions into my eyes and other part of my body.
Their Marriage is not new to me, but the only thing that will be new to me now is for peter okoye to advise his inlaw Dipo Omotayo to pay the remaining 1million out of 2million Court awarded me fo my medical/hospital bill. Dipo Omotayo paid 1million under an execution to carry his property to Court for auction in order to get my 2million for my eye treatment... Ever since then this lola father has been sending me thugs to kill me, and last year, I arrested 3boys who confess that they were sent to poison me to death but police refused to investigate the my said matter.. I want to meet PRESS on this issue.. Pls help me pass this message to others Thank you for reading... Nnaji