Saturday, August 24, 2013

Man Arrested For Smuggling Cannabis Stashed In Fruits To Prison In-Mates


Tunde Animashaun obviously is not a happy man at the moment. Until recently, Animashaun had told some friends of his desires to dump his near moribund bricklaying job for something more rewarding. For some time now, it was reported that Animashaun, 25, had not been doing well in his work and was desperate for a change in fortune, having searched for work in virtually all construction sites along the Ado-Odo/Ota Local Government Area where he lives. His sudden optimism, however, reportedly stemmed from a new business link he got through a friend: drug trafficking.

It was reported that Animashaun initially rejected the drug trafficking idea, having expressed fears that he might not be lucky to scale the preying eyes of anti-narcotics agents scattered around the nation’s airports. But he was told that he would not have to leave the shores of Nigeria for the deal. After he was told that his job would simply be to take a consignment to an inmate at a prison yard within the Lagos area, he immediately jumped at the offer. With firm assurances that the deal if well executed would change his dwindling fortune, he quickly sought to embark on the trip to Ikoyi Prison which he hoped would change his life for the better. Animashaun was then briefed on his mission to Ikoyi Prison where he was told he would deliver some fruits to an inmate at the prison.
The fruits, it was later discovered, were not ordinary fruits, but had cannabis stashed into them. Since there would be no scanning machine around the prisons, Animashaun was dead sure he would see off the task and later smile to the bank. But he got it all wrong.
Almost at the same time that Animashaun was being ‘initiated’ into the drug business, an inmate at the Ikoyi Prison had supposedly feigned sickness before prison officials after he had reportedly refused to eat for a couple of days earlier. After much persuasion, the inmate had reportedly told the prison officials of his preference for fruits instead of foods and he was obliged his demand. Recently, a mild drama played itself out at the penitentiary when Animashaun appeared at the gates.
On the fateful afternoon, he reportedly arrived at the prison gate demanding to see an inmate he had brought some oranges and pine apples for. He would have successfully carried out his task but for the extra vigilance of some officials. He was reportedly told to submit the polythene bag in his hand for search but reportedly questioned why ‘mere ‘ items like fruits could attract such interest in the officials, claiming he would go back should they continue to demand to see how the fruits looked.
As he reportedly turned back to leave the premises without submitting the bag for search, he was stopped and subsequently forced to submit the items to the officials. It was shocking to discover that the almost two dozen oranges and pipe apples in the polythene bag were stacked with cannabis.
When put together, the cannabis weighed 516 grammes. Animashaun was immediately handed over to officials of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) where he is giving them useful information on his level of involvement and his sponsors. In his confessional statement, Animashaun told officials that he was a first time offender and maintained that he had not been given any monetary reward for the trip.
According to him, “This is my first time of being involved in a thing like this. I was given the drug in a polythene bag with food to give to an inmate at the Ikoyi prison. After checking the food, they (prison officials) detected the drug in the fruits. They only gave me transport fare and promised to pay me some money after delivering of the drug,” he confessed. He, however, pleaded for clemency promising never to be involved in the illicit trade again.
Speaking on Animashaun’s arrest, chairman of the NDLEA, Alhaji Ahmadu Giade, commended the prison authority for the discovering the deed. His words, “I commend the prison authority for detecting the drug and handing over the case to the NDLEA.
We shall work closely with them in our investigation and ensure that other persons connected to the incident are arrested and charged to court. It is curious for drugs to be smuggled into the prison. This is an indication of how desperate drug barons can be.” Mitchell Ofoyeju, spokesman for the NDLEA, told Saturday Mirror that the Ogun State-born Animashaun would be charged to court when investigation is completed.