Sunday, August 11, 2013

Meet Ayo Oyebade,The Innovative Producer Of 'Shameful Deceit

Ayo Oyebade is a Gentle Giant, Super Accountant, and Budding Film Producer

When you first meet Ayo Oyebade, he comes over as very reserved. His winning smile assures you that, despite his huge 6ft 2” 130kg frame, he is very approachable, friendly and, once you get to know him better, very kind and generous.

 The oldest of three children, from one of the three main royal houses of Ondo (Ekimogun), Ondo State, Ayo was born in the UK, schooled in Nigeria and, returned to UK at 16 to continue his studies.

Ayo studied AAT, ACCA, and CIMA and took other accounting courses, which allowed him to start practising while also working full-time.
In 2000, Ayo joined an entertainment accountancy firm where he took care of many high profile show business personalities. He has since branched out on his own and built up a formidable client base.

Ayo’s experience includes VAT; Payroll; Bookkeeping; Final Accounts; Individual & Company Tax Returns; Business Plan; Cash Flow Forecasting; US Federal Tax Returns; Theatre & Film Production Accounting.

Ayo has recently joined the fledgling UK Nollywood scene and has already made his mark. He worked alongside Theodora Ibekwe, as Associate Producer of Shameful Deceit among other jobs including preparing the budget for the film and was an investor.

Other credits include Associate Producer of Heartless Carer directed by Francis Uwadi (he also had a small part in the film); a small part in Fatima Jabbe’s Battered and; a speaking role in Purity of Heart. These films will be premiered on 14th September; 28th September and; 26th October 2013, respectively.

Following the success of Shameful Deceit, Ayo Oyebade is in great demand in UK Nollywood. However, he keeps his feet firmly on the ground. He continues to be proud of his daughter, Natalie, a graduate of City University, where she obtained a degree in Speech & Language Therapy.

By Theodorapr.