Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Breaking Exclusive:A Proposal From My Dear Canadian Lesbian Friend Even When I Am Not A Lesbian

This morning, Suzanne Scodellaro (@DiamondTrailz), a Canadian friend of mine asked me to marry her. She wants me back in Canada as she adores me so much. This is a GAY union. Have u had a longtime friend (male of female) just fall in love with you?
Except for one thing, I am NOT a Lesbian but 80% my friends in Canada are Gay and Lesbians, a wonderful gay friendly country. Homosexuals are wonderful people.
"Gay rights are Human rights!" Thank you MTV #VMA, Ryan Lewis and Macklemore for stressing on this on the show. I am living in a homophobic country where gays and lesbians are jailed 14 years for being THEMSELVES yet Nigerians want me to be a human rights activist for all their problems, underage marriage, vigilante justice and more. I am a Guns Victims Activist and will never touch human rights till every single Nigerian gets human rights.

Kill the #antigaylaw jailing them for 14 years and 10 years for me their friend educating them about HIV and hosting their club parties! 

Suzanne, yes I love u and you will be my friend forever. My new boyfriend here in Nigeria is comfy with our longtime friendship. Most of you know that I proposed to Rhodes my longtime male friend for so long on social media and it did not work out. He asked me to marry him in Canada and I declined due to distance but when I got home, he was not ready anymore. Longtime friendships can cause affection even in the same sex. Pls listen to ""Same LOVE"" or Google Mackemore and Ryan Lewis.

MsKemi @HipHossip on twitter
To Nigerians, I am NOT bisexual but one has to face these proposals every so often in life. Affection is normal. I can always marry any man, even Nigerians to get back into Canada to live since I'm only allowed to visit. I'm not even trying to live in any foreign country after 35 years in North America, the best times in my life with 30 years in the USA and 5 in Canada.I am busy building my brand @HipHossip on twitter in my country and still connect with the world in my fight against gun violence, child slavery, child trafficking and helping fight gun control in America where my oldest two adult sons were born and live in. Maybe I can teach Nigerians today that Gays and Lesbians are perfectly NORMAL people. 

We attack their culture and lifestyle but most heterosexual Nigerians still practice and enjoy anal and oral sex and also want to move to their countries for a better life. Why are we demeaning them? 

Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo
@HipHossip @Snitchlady @TeenToronto on Twitter