Saturday, September 7, 2013

Covenant University Bans 'Make-Up' & 'Heels'

Covenant University are in the news again, only that this time its not about expelling any student unjustly but they stopping their female students from looking very beautiful and attractive.
According to students of the school and the new Student Handbook(2013-2017 edition), the new management of the university has outlawed the use of "makeup" and "high heels" in the school. I wonder what is wrong with a university student looking
beautiful with makeup.

Anyways some of the students took to twitter to state thier dissatisfaction about outlawing make up and high heels in the school. below are some of thier tweets you can go on twitter and search for Covenant university or CU for more tweets, it was even trending yesterday on twitter

Ketandu KK Ezeji ‏@OfficialKK_ 19h
Covenant University Stay Acting Like Dressing Equals Salvation. You Can't Come Into My Heaven If Your Shoes Are Red.
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PRO/Creativist ‏@TheRealVyne 19h
- Who goes to heaven for wearing black shoes or no makeup? Lol. Please explain to me. I'll wait. @JacobsIdowu4 @estiville
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PRO/Creativist ‏@TheRealVyne 19h
- Sleep & Wake up CU students, it's only a dream.... Or not )-:

PRO/Creativist ‏@TheRealVyne 19h
- One day they'll riot..... One day..... Never actually )-: #CuPains
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Its Marvin; Biatch! ‏@duke_of_kellogs 18h
Lmao! *Dies* "@Tolu_Moula: :"( RT @KjSunmon: Lol. Covenant university 2014 Endurance set"

The Eccentric Imp. ‏@Cyntheeya 19h
Covenant University is not a University. More like a reform center for "bad children".

PRO/Creativist ‏@TheRealVyne 19h
- ......They should for ONCE conduct a DEPRESSION test.
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Ketandu KK Ezeji ‏@OfficialKK_ 19h
Covenant University Gets It Wrong A Lot of The Time I'm Not Sorry To Say. Plus Ouch Some Invisible Lightening Just Struck Me.
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PRO/Creativist ‏@TheRealVyne 19h
- Cu is losing focus. Christianity isn't an issue of appearance. God hasn't stopped looking at HEARTS.
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Moby V ‏@bookjunk1e 19h
Covenant University will break you. Take every single shred of endurance you have and deliberately shoot it to hell.

Tösïn Örìölá ‏@kid_sauce 19h
Link to the handbook y'all