Sunday, September 1, 2013

Dr.Nelson Nelson Mandela Discharged From Hospital

Still Going Strong: 95-Year Old Nelson Mandela Discharged From Hospital
After an 85-day stay in the hospital treating a recurring lung infection, legendary South African former president Nelson Mandela has been discharged from the hospital.
The office of current South African President Jacob Zuma confirmed Sunday that Mandela had been released in a statement saying that South Africa’s first black, post-apartheid leader would return to his home on the outskirts of Johannesburg to receive further treatment.

“Mandela's team of doctors are convinced that he will receive the same level of intensive care at his Houghton home that he received in Pretoria,” the statement read in part. “His home has been reconfigured to allow him to receive intensive care there. The health care personnel providing care at his home are the very same who provided care to him in hospital. If there are health conditions that warrant another admission to hospital in future, this will be done.”
The 95-year-old Mandela was admitted to the hospital on June 8. As the days of his stay turned into weeks and months, well-wishers from around South Africa and around the world expressed their concerns and sent good wishes to the respected leader, who passed his 95th birthday in hospital and was not well enough to receive President Barack Obama when the American leader visited South Africa earlier this summer.
The statement by Zuma’s office thanked the medical personnel and “most media,” who were described as “notably responsible” in their reporting of Mandela’s illness.
The statement concluded: “We now call on all to allow the former President and his family the necessary private space so that his continuing care can proceed with dignity and without unnecessary intrusion.”