Sunday, September 8, 2013

How My Quest For Higher National Diploma Turned Me Into A Robber

How My Desire for Higher National Diploma Turned Me into a Robber

James Imoha, the holder of an Ordinary national Diploma from Auchi Polytechnic, Delta State, had always had a dream of going back for his Higher National Diploma (HND) in same school. Unfortunately, his ambition was being hampered by lack of funds. Determined to realise this dream, he left his home town in Agenegbode, Etsako East Local Government area of Edo State, for Lagos five months ago, in search of greener pasture. However, this action put him not the better future, but behind bars, as James is being detained at the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS, Ikeja, over an alleged robbery case.

27-year-old James and eight suspected members of his gang allegedly stormed May and Baker Pharmaceutical company at Oba Akran, Ikeja two weeks ago and were at the verge of loading a truck with cartoons of drugs when operatives of SARS swooped on them.
Nevertheless, the suspect, in his interview with Crime Guard, burst into tears, claiming he was deceived by members of the gang into joining them. James Imoha further revealed that his desire to continue his education and also to get some money for food made him join the gang for a night.
The detainee narrated: “I swear, I never knew they were going to rob that night. I was made to understand that they were being hired to load a truck at the end of which they would be paid. I was already sleeping that night in a friend’s house when Innocent (one of the suspects) visited him. He informed me there was a job and when I asked what kind of job, he said it was to load some cartoons into a truck.
I became interested because it would be an instant payment. I asked how much would be paid at the end and he said N1,000 or N2,000 depending on the quantity one was able to load. I complained that it was late (10 p.m.), but Innocent said this is Lagos where business was done anytime. Reluctantly, I got up and decided to follow him, with the hope to earn some amount for that week. Quickly, I calculated that it would buy me three square meals for one week because I spend N100 per meal or less, particular when I have to drink “garri” with groundnut or coconut.
No Turning Back
“When I got to the place with Innocent and Okogie, I noticed from the way they were acting that the business was not genuine after all. But I could not back out because I could not locate my way back home. But Innocent assured me all was well and I went about loading the truck with the cartoons of drugs. I also noticed from the way they were whispering to each other that they could be stealing the drugs and I opted to retreat at that point. But as I attempted to leave the company’s gate, there was sporadic shootings and I concluded that was the end of my sojourn on Earth. I just laid flat on my tummy with my hands raised up, without looking up. The next thing I knew was that I was arrested and brought here.”
Continuing, he said that the desire to further his studies brought him to Lagos.
“My intention was to lay my hands on any genuine business and save for my HND. Had I known things would turn out this way, I would have remained in the village until when God will answer my prayer. As I speak, my relatives are not aware I have been arrested. The news will kill my ailing mother. Sister, please just pray for me”, he said, burying his face in both palms and crying.
A Trick by Robbers
May and Baker pharmaceutical is located in a complex which also housed five other companies, with each having its own private guards. In order to have free access in and out of the complex, the robbery suspects were said to have injected sleeping tablets into some packs of fruit juice which they gave to some of the guards who allegedly connived with them. One of the guards, as gathered, resumed on the D-day with the injected fruit juice, informing his colleagues that he was celebrating his birthday. Delighted at the news, other unsuspecting guards joyfully reached out for the drugged juice. While some reportedly drank, others, as gathered, kept theirs with the hope of taking it the next morning before going home.