Monday, November 14, 2016

#QuiloxFight: Sound Sultan Insists He Wasn’t Bounced

The Friday night fight that went down at Quilox night club is still generating a lot of buzz and there’s still a lot of conflicting facts.

In Oritsfemi’s statement and account of events, his team said, ‘Oritsefemi was at the VIP corner when he noticed Sound Sultan and Rock Steady were being bounced from entering the VIP section of the club. Oristefemi, who was not happy with the bouncer’s behaviour, stood up to ask the bouncer why he was putting up such attitude to an A-list artiste and a brother, the bouncer replied that an order was placed down by Shina Peller, the CEO of the club, that no A-list artiste should be allowed into the VIP section, claiming the A-list artistes were not his costumers and they have no value at his club, just because of his rift with Davido’.
Quilox however responded in a statement saying, ‘The music industry veteran – Sound Sultan is a member of the Quilox family and cousin to our CEO as thus it is impossible for him to be treated in the manner Oritsefemi implied, as a matter of fact he was one of those who quickly diffused the situation before it got out of hand’. 

 Sound Sultan has now spoken on the issue, and his statement is in direct contrast with what Oritsefemi said. According to Sound Sultan, ‘misinformation I was chilling in the VIP as every other time in my Cousins club’.
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