Saturday, November 19, 2016

Woman Awaits Sentencing After Video Of Her Having Sex With A Dog Leaked

In what will come across as a really shocking development, a woman has been said to have had s*x with her own dog.

A young woman identified as Jenna Louise Driscoll has been dragged to court to answer for criminal acts.

During the court hearing, it was revealed that the woman had s*x with her dog and was encouraged by her then-partner to send him footage of the repulsive acts.

According to The Sun UK, Jenna Louise Driscoll pleaded guilty in Brisbane District Court to three bestiality charges, among other crimes, that came to light when police unearthed messages and videos of the s*x acts on her phone.

Her ex-boyfriend filmed her having s*x with the dog on one occasion and later asked her to send through footage of more acts.“She was willing to do that,”Crown prosecutor Dzenita Balic told the court.

Her sentencing hearing was told she had s*x with the animal three times between January and April 2014, which, Ms Balic said, seemed to be linked to the “attempted arousal” of her then-partner.
“There is some evidence to indicate the animal was hiding,” she said. The details emerged as the court heard the 27-year-old had also bitten a child in public on two occasions.

She has also pleaded guilty to trafficking cannabis at a“street level”over an eight-month period.
Defence barrister James Godbolt said there’s been“significant publicity”around his client over the bestiality charges, saying she changed her status at university to an external student because of the scandal.

He said Driscoll went from a highly-dysfunctional childhood to a highly-dysfunctional relationship that lasted about six years, reports the Courier Mail.

He said she had been dependent on cannabis and her “profit” from trafficking had gone towards supporting her living expenses and own habit.

Judge Terry Martin slammed the bestiality acts as “repulsive” and “against the order of nature”.
He reserved his decision on sentence until Monday, with Driscoll to spend the weekend behind bars.