Thursday, December 15, 2016

Senate Rejects Magu’s Nomination Over Damning Security Report

After nearly six months of ignoring the presidency’s request to confirm Ibrahim Magu as chairman of the EFCC, the Nigerian Senate finally made their decision  yesterday and it’s a NO to Magu.

The request letter was first read at the House by Senate President, Bukola Saraki in July this year and up until last week when it was revisited, no attempts were made to act on the letter.

Last week though, the senate again postponed the confirmation hearing to today, Thursday. Reports from plenary session have it that Magu was invited into the chamber and was in for only about 20 minutes as the senators delivered their verdict.

Now from what we know, the senate’s decision to reject Ibrahim Magu is based on a security report obtained from the State Security Service. The questions ensue:

What security report is this and what are the details therein?

When was the report “obtained” from the State Security Service and how long has the senate being in possession of it?

How about we have a copy of this report published so the citizenry that these lawmakers answer to can share in their collective perspective?

But NO! All we hear of is a “damning report”.

As much as we do not want to make these assumptions and accusations, this singular act by the senate reeks of bad blood. This is the same Magu that has effected the arrest of a good number of members of the House including the Senate President.

 Although, the EFCC chief has not been able to prosecute any of these culprits and we know this is the working of the men who run the puppet show, Magu has so far not failed in his capacity as Acting Chairman.

Corruption is entrenched in the Nigerian system and it runs through all the levels. We got another confirmation this afternoon at the Senate.

Although we cannot wish corruption away and the most we can do as citizens is speak up against these evils, we use this voice to demand the content of the security report the House used against Ibrahim Magu today and the senate will prove itself responsible by heeding our call.