Thursday, January 19, 2017

“I Am A Mother of 4”- Lolo Reveals On The Krystn Enem Show

Celebrity On Air Personalit and versatile comedienne, Lolo, is the first guest to be featured on the latest season of the Krystn Enem show which premiered on the Pulse TV platform recently. The show which recently ratified a digital publishing deal is in its third season and is set to debut on Pulse, to rave review.

At about 3:54 into the video, she talks about her being a mother of 4 kids (3 boys and a girl) and revisits the subject of her family life, later on in the video when she casually shared her status as a single mother, having being recently separated (around 10:40 into the video).

Also in this video/episode, Lolo shares major keys to success as garnered in the course of her career. At about 4:10 into the video, she shares the importance of staying healthy to being successful as she admonished eating right and exercising. She hinted about the high expectations usually placed on women and the need for self discovery, from 5:20 into the video.

The interview rounds off with Lolo admonishing upcoming performers to dedicate effort to being original.

Watch it below!