Thursday, May 11, 2017

Segun Arinze's Daughter Blast Him After He wished Her Happy Birthday On Instagram

There are strong indications that veteran actor Segun Arinze and his only daughter Renny Njemanze are  not on friendly terms.

On Wednesday, the 51-year-old actor took to his Instagram to send birthday wishes to the young lady.

“Wow! Time sure does fly! My Daughter Renny is 20!! I wish you great wisdom, good health, long life, deep knowledge and whatever you lay your hands on will prosper” he gushed.

He then praised her mum (his ex-wife) Anne Njemanze for doing a great job in raising their child.

Unfortunately, the birthday message didn’t sit well with the 20-year-old who responded by brutally blasting her father.

She told him to keep his wishes to himself. That he didn't even call her to wish her a happy birthday but came online to do it..

She made it clear her father is not In her life. And even asked him what is the meaning of all this?.

Read his post and her response below!

Just to refresh your mind, Segun Arinze was married to Domitilla actress Anne Njemanze but their union sadly crashed in 2010.

According to Anne, the marriage was not what she expected.

He did not really give me all those sweet things that I fantasized about. I left him because of the differences we had”  she said in an interview.

However, the former couple have since moved on with their lives. Anne got married to Silver Ojieson in 2013 while Arinze also remarried and has two boys with his new wife.

Judging from Renny’s response, it appears the actor has not been actively involved in his daughter’s life. He has since deleted the post from his page.