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Linda Ikeji- I Have Posted Things That I Regret!

Media Entrepreneur, Linda Ikeji is the cover star for ThisDay Style Magazine's latest issue.

Unarguably the No1 blogger in the country, Linda Ikeji who is graduate of the University of Lagos, has remarkably turned her passion for writing, into a multi-million Naira career.

As is her tradition, Ty shared a personal story;
LINDA IKEJI: So I remember a short moment I had during @officiallindaikeji ‘s shoot …we were all in her bathroom .. she ..reclined beautifully in that tub .. surrounded by the beauty team ..every one was readjusting something .. making sure it is was all perfect .. but her phone was never far .. I noticed she found moments to work .. in the middle of our drama .. I was then transported into a moment in her life over a decade ago when someone asked what she did .. and the look of confusion and worse ..concern when she retorted .. ‘ I’m a blogger … I blog ‘.
I know that confused – concerned-almost -condescending look I got when people didn’t understand my answer .

I remember sitting in a car in 2001 and an older aunty asked me .. what’s that ‘thing ‘ you said you do again ….’photography ‘ abi… ?everything about her tone put inverted commas on the word . But I stayed engaged because I knew she was genuinely interested and somewhat concerned… I answered yes and then she responded.. You’re living your dreams .. abi? And before my goggly eyed self could respond, she jerked me forward with a loud …WAKE UP!!!!! .. I’ll never forget .. Not necessarily the conversation itself but the conversations I had with my self afterwards .. I was so shaken .. no one had spoken so direct .most people just figured it was best to give me time to figure life out … till I get a real job

In that conversation.. I did WAKE UP .. to the truth that I had made a choice .. I was going to live as a CREATIVE … and that it wasn’t something to .. ‘see where this goes’.. this was going to be LIFE .my future .., so from that conversation .. I chose to give it EVERYTHING !Every once in a while I still yell at my self .. WAKE UP!!! And I ask my self the real questions .Im I giving it EVERYTHING!! For to live the life of my dreams … I must do it COMPLETELY AWAKE.
Special thanks to @officiallindaikeji for letting us into her beautiful space and being such an amazing host .. and to the dream team that worked on this ..

The success of her blog has encouraged a lot of young people in the world to tap into the online space and equally make a living out of it. In her Interview with Konye Chelsea Nwabogor, she talks about looking back at her life as a blogger, her regrets about putting up posts she shouldn’t have, and taking Linda Ikeji brand further.

Read excerpts from her interview below!

Social media and cyber bullying is a scary combination which many people feel the brunt of today. As a blogger you have been constantly accused of supporting cyber bullying via some of your blog posts and approved comments, what’s your take on this?

Social media has its ups and downs. You must understand that first and foremost, I am a blogger and I don’t support or approve of the views of my readers. People should feel free to express themselves the way they want. You should also know that sometimes the comments allowed are the bad ones. There are actually evil ones we see and take out.

Social media like every other thing in life has its negatives and positives. It depends on how you let it affect you. When people try to bully you, you should resist it or stay away from them. Leave groups that are abusive. If people ask derogatorily about you on social media, block them and also don’t let people who make you feel bad about yourself into your space. Bullying has been going on for ages and I don’t think it would ever stop as long as social media exits. There are just bad, frustrating people in the world who enjoy inflicting pain on others to make themselves feel better. Don’t be a victim, don’t allow them get you depressed or extremely sad.

In terms of relationship with colleagues and friends, you obviously have sacrificed a lot to live the life you have. How does that make you feel?

I don’t think I have sacrificed anything. I’m living the life that I wanted to live on my own terms and my own way. The friends I have today are people who have been my friends for at least 10 years, some as long as 20, long before I found success. There was a time that I stayed indoors for a lot of years because I was blogging from home, so I hardly went out. I can say I sacrificed a bit because I didn’t spend much time with my friends. But generally, the life I have now is the life I prayed for. There’s only one thing remaining.

The world is always watching and judging. How has the public scrutiny you’ve had to endure affected your life?

It hasn’t affected my life in a negative way. I am not famous like actors and actresses and musicians. My name is probably bigger than my face so most times when I walk around, only a few people recognize me. People of course have an opinion about me because I am the public eye, but I don’t let those kinds of things affect my life. I don’t give people that kind of power. They have a right to have an opinion and I reserve my right not to care. People are always watching, waiting for your next move, waiting for when you will fail, make a mistake, overstep your boundary, et.c. I just live my life and don’t pay attention.

Looking back, were there ever times where you felt, “I shouldn’t have posted that?”

I have posted things in the past that I regret and have taken down.

To read more of this interview, grab a copy of ThisDay Style Magazine published on Sunday 25, June, 2017.

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