Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Christabel Ekeh's Mum Defends Her Daughter's Viral Nude Photos

Actress Christabel Ekeh has been a hot topic online for days after she released unclad photos of herself which she said is a way of  "welcoming everyone to the new Christabel"

There has been mixed reactions to the photos. While some have been praising her for being bold, others have condemned her action. Some even went as far as questioning her mental state and suggested she needs psychological help.

But Christabel, who is of a Nigerian father and Ghanaian mother, can now hold her high as the number one person who is supposed to be troubled by her behavior, has come out to fully defend her.

Her mother, madam Emma Odoom said Christabel is a very decent girl and sometimes the nature of her work as an actress and model makes her go naked for some promotional campaigns.

“My daughter is a very decent girl, she was brought up well and cannot do anything she knows will tarnish her image. She is not sick and does not need any psychological treatment or help as people are saying out there. She is a model too and sometimes due to the nature of their work and who they are in society, they need to take on some campaigns and loving your body is one of them,’ she told Showbiz in an interview.

Madam Emma also called on people to pray for her daughter instead of bashing her and circulating her nude photos on the internet.

“I think people should pray for my girl instead of circulating her pictures online. I wonder what they hope to achieve by doing that. Why would they engage themselves in things they know nothing about?’ she asked.