Wednesday, July 19, 2017

'I Released My Nude Photos To Beat Blackmailers- Christabel Ekeh

Nigerian/Ghanaian actress, Christabel Ekeh, has claimed the reason she released her unclad photos online was to beat blackmailers who were planning to release them.

The 'Potomanto' actress whose Instagram account has since been taken down for posting the inappropriate photos of herself, said she was receiving threats from a group of people who wanted to release some of her nude photos she sent someone in private.

“I had a group of people who have been threatening to release my nudity that I sent to someone in private,” she told Abeiku Santana on Accra-based Okay 101.7 FM‘s drive time show ‘Ekwanso Dwoodwoo’ on Monday.

According to the troubled actress, she said: “this thing has been something that has been boggling me for a while – hanging around my head in everything that I do.”

She, however, said that she's aware of the public ridicule surrounding the photos but sees nothing wrong saying that her nudity is her pride and not her shame as being purported.

“I would like everyone to know that in as much as its looks shameful or whatever, my nudity is something that I’ve come to learn it's my pride and not my shame,” she said.

When the host of the show counselled her to stay off social media in order to give more importance to her new project. She wholeheartedly agreed with this advice stating that “its the best thing I am going to do right now.”

“Some people have been spreading lies that I’m not well, but I am well,” she added.