Tuesday, October 3, 2017

I Regret Featuring Peter In My First Solo Song' Bank Alert'

Paul Okoye has said ‘Bank Alert’, a 2016 song released by Psquare, was actually his “first solo” effort, and not a recording of his recently defunct group.

Both Paul and Peter appeared in the video for ‘Bank Alert’, a song which heavily sampled Onyeka Onwenu’s evergreen song ‘Iyogogo’.

Psquare, comprising of twins Peter and Paul, have been at loggerheads in recent weeks, with the former making public his desire to opt out of the group.

While Peter is in heavily promoting himself as Mr P, Paul took to Twitter on Tuesday to express regrets on being “deceived” into making ‘Bank Alert’ a Psquare song.

He wrote: “I made a serious mistake last year, the day I was shooting my first ever solo music video “bank alert” #regret ,I won’t be deceived dis time.”