Thursday, November 30, 2017

FA Charges Conte With Misconduct

Chelsea manager,Antonio Conte has been charged with misconduct by the Football Association, following his dismissal against Swansea.

The Italian manager was sent into the stands by referee Neil Swarbrick in the 43rd minute, after he shouted at fourth official, Lee Mason and the Swarbrick.

Conte apologised after the match, and stated he was unhappy with the time wasting tactics employed by Swansea.

“During the game, in the first half, I saw that Swansea were wasting time,” he said. “I said this a few times to the fourth official.

“At the same time, I didn’t see something change in the first half. I was frustrated for this situation. I tried to tell again, but then the referee took this decision.

“I repeat: I apologise for this. I was frustrated. For sure I made a mistake. During the game I suffer. With my players I suffer. It’s a pity.

“They are wasting time. I was a bit animated. I said this and I shout this. It was not the first time. I think for this reason the fourth official lost his patience. But I repeat, the fault was mine, not the fourth official’s. I apologise for this. I was frustrated.”