Friday, January 12, 2018

Aminu Atiku Finally Hand Over Son Back To Ex-Wife

Son of former Vice President, Aminu Atiku who snatched his son after a court order gave child custody to his ex-wife, has handed over his son back to his ex so as not to be found in contempt of court.

Chief Magistrate Ayeye of the Tinubu Magistrate Court ordered Bolori, his ex-wife to take full custody of the boy and his nine-year-old sister, Ameera after Aminu failed to respond to Bolori’s application for custody of the children.

Aminu was also ordered to pay Bolori the sum of N250, 000 monthly for the upkeep of the children and ordered Aminu to carry out medical insurance on the children among others.

This was because neither Aminu nor his legal team was present to announce appearance at the resumed hearing of the matter on Wednesday and had failed to file a response to the application sought by Bolori.

However, there was a mild drama when Aminu and his legal team arrived at the courtroom at around 1PM when the proceedings were practically over.

Bolori claimed that Aminu, having lost custody of his children, snatched Aamir, their son, and drove off with him.