Thursday, July 27, 2017

Video: Yemi Alade – Charliee

Video: Yemi Alade – Charliee

Award-winning diva Yemi Alade premieres the music video for her buzzing hit track “Charliee”.

The Effyzzie Music singer who is currently on the USA leg of her Mama Africa World Tour, enlisted the services of regular Paul Gambit to create a rich visual spectacle for the Fliptyce produced banger.

“Charliee” serves as the lead single off Alade’s “Mama Afrique” extended play, which serves as a continuation of her acclaimed sophomore album “Mama Africa”.

5 Signs Your Visa Application Will Be Rejected

5 Signs Your Visa Application Will Be Rejected

The process for applying for a visa is very exhausting and rigorous. Hence, it will leave a sour taste in the mouth after serious planning, submitting and been interviewed for a visa, you end up being denied. As such, if you are about to make your visa application, then you should look out for these signs to further prepare you against a  visa rejection.

You cannot clearly explain the source (s) of your funds

The majority of embassies will assume that applicants are seeking permanent entry into their country until you prove them otherwise. And one way to prove them otherwise is to present evidence that you have strong economic reasons to return to your country following your stay. What other way to do this than your bank statement? Hence, ensure that your cash inflow and outflow are credible. They do not want to give visas to criminals.

Your visa agent cannot answer basic visa questions

If your visa agent promises to deliver to you a visa without asking you basic questions that only you have answers to, you should feel very uncomfortable about that application. It may most likely be rejected.

You have a record visa denials

If you have a record of refusals from a particular embassy, they will know that you arguably are desperate to leave your country. If you have been refused once at any embassy, they have the record. Hence, do not submit any visa application without consulting reliable visa businesses for advice. The more you are rejected, the more your visa application will be denied and vice-versa.

You apply for the visa category

There are different visa categories and, for every visa you are applying for it must correspond with your lifestyle. If it does not support the category of visa you are applying for, that is a strong signal, which you address before even submitting your application or else you will suffer the embarrassment of a rejection.

You have an uneasy feeling about an answer

If you have answered a question on your application but you don't feel comfortable about the answer you have provided, then you need to take steps back and peruse your responses again. The reason is that, you will unconsciously communicate your uneasy feelings to your interviewer while answering that question; particularly if they seem interested in that particular answer.
4 Countries With The Easiest Visa Procedures For International Students

4 Countries With The Easiest Visa Procedures For International Students

Over time studying abroad has actually become more accessible to students in a number of countries. You only need to do your research well enough to reveal these countries with good tertiary institutions and relatively easy visa procedures for international students, and take advantage of their offers.We share 4 countries with the easiest visa procedures for international students.


Canada is considered as one of the top study destinations in the world because of its great universities, reasonable cost of living and beautiful environment and landscape. The country has quite an easy procedure for students to apply for study visas. The process basically requires the student to first apply for and gain entry into a Canadian university and then obtain a Canadian study permit, which is renewable for the length of the students study period. The best part of a Canadian study visa is that, not only can an individual study as an international student, he/she can also work as a student, obtain a post-graduation work permit, gain Canadian work experience and learn about pathways towards Canadian citizenship. Also, another great perk is that you can bring family members with you! You can learn more about studying in Canada by visiting the Canadian Immigration and Citizenship website.


What is better than a country that has abolished tuition and fees at public universities? Nothing! Germany is such a country and another great place for international students to consider. Aside having an easy visa procedure for international students, it has a reasonable cost of living and some of the world’s finest universities. Basically, the process of getting a German study visa is to first gain admission into a German University, then complete a visa application and attend an interview. A positive outcome sees you obtaining a German study visa that allows you to study and work in the country. In addition, if you want to go to Germany just learn their language, you can obtain a language-study visa that lasts for a good two years and be on your way to learning the awesome language.

New Zealand

This is another country with an easy visa procedure for international students. Basically, you start by checking out the types of study visas the country offers and then begin your application process. You can also contact the program or university that accepted you and ask for their help in your visa application process; they can provide you with valuable information.


This country has such an easy visa procedure for international students that it can all be done online. Surprising right? Of course, you will need proof of your acceptance to a program of study and then the required paperwork. You can also contact the international students services office of the institution for assistance with the process, if you need it. An Irish study visa also gives you access to part-time employment depending on your program’s eligibility.
Jeff Bezos Of Amazon Inc Overtakes Bill Gates To Become Richest Person In The World

Jeff Bezos Of Amazon Inc Overtakes Bill Gates To Become Richest Person In The World

CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos has, according to Forbes, become the richest person in the world after stocks of his company rose 1.6% on Thursday.

Forbes had reported Wednesday night that Bezos was less than $1bn away from being the richest person in the world.

Bezos’ net-worth had increased by $2.5bn this week alone, with stocks of his company rising 3.6%.
He is now worth $90.6bn, becoming the first man ever to top a $90 billion fortune.

He is now $500m ahead of no. 2 Bill Gates, who is the founder of Microsoft.

Bezos quit his job at a hedge fund to start his online bookseller in a garage in Seattle in 1994.
He first featured on the 400 richest Americans list in 1998, a year after Amazon went public, with a $1.6 billion fortune.

Gates’ first inclusion in the billionaire’s list was in 1982, and he has been no. 1 for 18 of the past 23 years.

Forbes reports that Bezos would be nowhere close to being the world’s wealthiest person had Gates not given so much of his fortune to philanthropy.

Photo Credit: Drew Angerer/Getty Images
2Baba, Reekado Banks, YCee, Waje thrill audience at Campari Mix in Abuja

2Baba, Reekado Banks, YCee, Waje thrill audience at Campari Mix in Abuja

Residents of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, had more than they bargained for over the last weekend as Campari and 2Baba stormed the Capital city to share a thrilling experience with fun seekers.
Campari as a premium international drink that is widely known for its unique invigorating bitter taste and vibrancy provided exciting moments at two separate events held at the prestigious Transcorp Hilton Hotel right in the heart of Abuja.

Multi-award winning music act and Campari Brand Ambassador, 2Baba who is now often referred to as ‘Mr. Campari’ headlined both event and again, the iconic singer outdid himself much to the delight of everyone in attendance.

The Campari powered concert titled as ‘3Kings with 2Baba’ afforded Abuja residents with the opportunity to enjoy live music and stand-up comic performances. 2Baba shared the stage for the night with music acts Ycee and Reekado Banks. Comedian Acapella, MC Apere, MC Ugodo, MC Longinus and others gave rib cracking performances.

At the other related event tagged ‘Eargasm’ held in support of a United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHRC) initiative for the Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) had in attendance humanitarians and sympathizers to the plights of IDPs.

Amongst those in attendance are vivacious songstress Waje, Kelly Handsome and Styl Plus. The emotionally laden event was also used to celebrate music legend and ‘Cock Crow at Dawn’ crooner Bongus Ikwe on his 75th birthday that was ably represented by members of his immediate family.

2Baba, ‘Mr Campari’, in his reaction after his electrifying performances on day two stated that “I am glad to have shared exciting moments with my fans in Abuja. My visit and support for the displaced persons is an experience that is worth sharing and more importantly to encourage everyone to enjoy life with the signature mix, Campari Senator, a mix of Campari and beer.

Rilwan Shofunde, the Brand Manager Campari, added that “Brand Campari understands the yearnings of Abuja residents for exciting moments hence our support for a thrilling weekend experience. Campari will continue to offer stimulating experiences all through the year with our outlined “Campari Dare to Mix” activities. We implore our consumers to continue to enjoy a mix of Campari.”
Google Announces Plans For Africa’s Digital Development,Launches Street View In Nigeria

Google Announces Plans For Africa’s Digital Development,Launches Street View In Nigeria

Google CEO,Sundar Pichai

At the just concluded Google for Nigeria event, Google announced that it has launched Street View on Google Maps in Nigeria, with Lagos being the pioneer state.

At the event, Google said that thousands of new addresses and streets, outlines of more than a million buildings in commercial and residential areas, and more than 100,000 additional Nigerian small businesses have been added on Google Maps.

Lagos has been launched on Street View with 10,000 kilometers of imagery, including the most important historic roads in the city.

With this development, you can virtually drive along the Carter Bridge to the National Stadium or across the Eko Bridge, down to the Marina – all on your smartphone.

At the event which was attended by Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai, the company announced how it is planning to make the internet work for everyone in Africa.

Google also announced that several updates have been made on Search to bring more useful, relevant answers and information to people in Nigeria. According to the tech giant, the updates include:
  • Knowledge Panels: We’re connecting people with easy access to the answers to things they care about, displaying knowledge cards for everything from local football teams to Nigerian musicians and actors.
  • Health Cards: Later this year we’ll launch more than 800 knowledge cards detailing common symptoms and treatments for the most prevalent health conditions in Nigeria. We’ve partnered with the University of Ibadan to ensure that answers have been reviewed by Nigerian doctors for local relevance and accuracy. Nigeria is one of the first countries where we’re providing locally tailored health answers on Search.
  • Posts on Google: Posts makes it possible for musicians, entertainers and other public figures to share updates, images and videos directly on Google, for people to see while they explore on the web. Nigeria is the third country where we’ve made this feature available and some of the country’s popular musicians are already using it.
Google’s other development programmes for Africa include:

Digital Skills for Africa
Last year we set out to help bridge the digital skills gap in Africa when we pledged to train one million young people in the region—and we’ve exceeded this target. Through either in-person or online trainings, we help people learn to build a web presence, use Search to find jobs, get tips to enhance their CV, use social media, and so on. Now we’re expanding this program, and committing to prepare another 10 million people for jobs of the future in the next five years. We’ll also be providing mobile developer training to 100,000 Africans to develop world-class apps, with an initial focus on Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa. grants
Our charitable arm,, is committing $20 million over the next five years to nonprofits that are working to improve lives across Africa. We’re giving $2.5 million in initial grants to the nonprofit arms of African startups Gidi Mobile and Siyavula to provide free access to learning for 400,000 low-income students in South Africa and Nigeria. The grantees will also develop new digital learning materials that will be free for anyone to use.

We also want to invite nonprofits from across the continent to share their ideas for how they could impact their community and beyond. So we’re launching a Impact Challenge in Africa in 2018 to award $5 million in grants. Any eligible nonprofit in Africa can apply, and anyone will be able to help select the best ideas by voting online.
Launchpad Accelerator Africa
We want to do more to support African entrepreneurs in building successful technology companies and products. Based on our global Launchpad Accelerator program, this initiative will provide more than $3 million in equity-free funding, mentorship, working space and access to expert advisers to more than 60 African startups over three years. Intensive three-month programs, held twice per year,
will run out of a new Google Launchpad Space in Lagos—the program’s first location outside of the United States.

YouTube Go
Designed from the ground up, YouTube Go lets you discover, save and share videos you love in a way that’s transparent about the size of downloads. Designed to be “offline” first, the app improves the experience of watching videos on a slower network and gives control over the amount of data used streaming or saving videos. It’s a full YouTube experience, with fresh and relevant video recommendations tailored to your preferences and the ability to share videos quickly and easily with friends nearby. In June, Nigeria became the second country where we started actively testing YouTube Go. Later this year, we’ll be expanding this to a beta launch of the app, available to all Nigerian users.

Faster web results
When you’re on a 2G-like connection or using a low storage device, pages can take a long time to load. We previously launched a feature that streamlines search results so they load with less data and at high speed. Today we’re extending that feature to streamline websites you reach from search results, so that they load with 90 percent less data and five times faster, even on low storage devices.